About the UCF Staff Advisory Council


The UCF Staff Advisory Council is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a spirit of unity. The mission of Staff Council is to build communication, trust, and integrity within our diverse community.



  • Meet the needs of UCF Staff which can be addressed through the Staff Advisory Council
  • Develop resources to meet those needs
  • Provide a voice for UCF Staff in all areas of the university
  • Promote awareness and understanding of the Staff Advisory Council through communication and education
  • Create access to historical data for past, present, and future Staff Advisory Councils
  • Improve the quality of life for UCF Staff members regarding employment within the university system.


The Council represents the staff-at-large with diverse experience, gender, race, and age. The UCF Staff Advisory Council is committed to the highest ethical standards. Following are guidelines for each Council Representative’s personal commitment to integrity in all circumstances, which benefit each individual as well as the organization.

  • We value, respect, and encourage inclusiveness within our UCF community.
  • We promote an honest and open communication environment where all opinions are valued.
  • We exhibit respect toward all those with whom we come in contact.
  • We promote good stewardship of Staff Council resources.
  • We strive to meet the highest performance, quality, service, and achievement standards.

Staff Advisory Council Committees and Descriptions

For information on membership or leadership positions for the committees below, contact staffcouncil@ucf.edu.

Budget Committee

This committee consists of all committee chairs and will be presided over by the treasurer. The meetings will be held as needed. The committee will review the expenditures for the current fiscal year vs. the proposed budget that was submitted at the beginning of the fiscal year to make appropriate recommendations for the following fiscal year.

Marketing Committee

This committee is responsible for maintaining and improving Staff Council public relations efforts. This includes, but is not limited to, producing Staff Council publications, submitting mass email communications for campus-wide distribution, and communicating with local businesses and vendors as needed to further the council’s goals. All communication submissions are required to be approved by the council president.

Special Events 

This committee is responsible for planning and implementing all council events, including, but not limited to, council participation in the annual Benefits Fair, the Staff Assembly, and other campus activities.

  • Benefits Fair – Fall
  • Diversity Breakfast – Fall
  • Staff Assembly – Spring
  • Area Campus meetings

Scholarship Committee 

This committee is responsible for the solicitation and disbursement of scholarship opportunities for USPS Staff and/or their dependents. After scholarship funds have been secured, this committee is responsible for creating, publicizing, collecting, processing, and approving the applications in a timely manner.

Fundraising Committee 

This committee is responsible for investigating fundraising options. This includes, but is not limited to, negotiating vendor contacts for items purchased to be sold in support of council scholarships and soliciting fundraising items. This committee ensures all university fundraising policies are followed by communicating all fundraising efforts to the university compliance office. The committee will give all funds collected to the council treasurer for deposit in the council’s bank account.  Fundraising will continue as the council transitions from one year to the next to expedite the following year’s activity.

Welcome Committee 

This committee is responsible for creating and distributing welcome packets, special occasion cards, and gifts when deemed appropriate for USPS employees (with a $20.00 limit) and providing refreshments at council meetings.

Research Committee

This committee is responsible for researching other universities’ and colleges’ business practices, policies, and procedures. The research should be used to suggest new and more efficient business philosophies at the university that will benefit USPS Staff.

Charter / Elections Committee 

This committee will be appointed by the council president as needed. The responsibilities of this committee include reviewing the current charter and proposing revisions, if necessary. Any charter revisions proposed by the committee must have council approval before the end of the council year, and the revised charter will be made available on the council website.

UCF Committees:

  • Athletics – The Athletic committee meets quarterly.
  • HR Committees: Employee Benefits, Employee Compensation, Employee Educational Leave, Employee of the Month, Employee Sick Leave
  • Transportation & Parking – This committee meets as needed.
  • Parking Appeals – This committee meets every other Friday between two Staff Council members.
  • UCF Strategic Planning Committee – the Staff Council President serves on this committee.



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